Increase your chances of success in Saudi Arabia with our intercultural expertise: Analyze and understand cultural differences to master potential challenges in your projects.  

Saudi Arabia is the country with the largest economy output within the Middle East. The country is a member of the G20 countries and was the host of the 2020 summit. Saudi Arabia is one of the most important countries in the region due to its role as a strategic and economic cornerstone. For several years, the country with the world’s largest state investment fund of more than $620 billion has been investing in the modernization of its infrastructure and moving its economy away from its dependence on oil. The ambitious project is part of the “Vision 2030” strategic plan. This includes, for example, the construction of the research and future city “Neom” on the Red Sea, which is intended to become a new Silicon Valley inside the region. Saudi Arabia is planning its way to become a world leader in solar technology. According to international experts, the Kingdom will generate 50% of its electricity from Solar by 2030 without major technological barriers.  Furthermore, Saudi Arabia wants to become the top supplier of hydrogen in the world and has targeted $36 billion of investment by 2030 under its National Hydrogen Strategy.

The country plans to significantly increase the percentage of women in the labor force. The country is also trying to be a hub for international investors and is undertaking enormous efforts to make the location more attractive. Saudi Arabia has an extremely young population, and of its total population of 34 million, two-thirds of Saudi Arabia’s population is under the age of 35. Putting all this together, makes Saudi Arabia as a land of opportunities for the future, especially in highly promising sectors like real estate, green energy, internet of things, tourism, entertainment, and culture.

Increase your chances of success in Saudi Arabia and analyze the communication styles, negotiation tactics, and decision-making processes when working with business partners from Saudi Arabia. Build up your skills for a successful intercultural communication and interaction with customers, suppliers, colleagues, employees and partners.

What is the focus of an intercultural training Saudi Arabia?

In our training we focus on the cultural aspects  for your success in Saudi Arabia. Based on our experience with more than 10,000 participants since 2006, the content will focus on the cultural aspects which can cause misunderstandings and frustrations while interacting in a culturally diverse context. The course will equip you with different skills for constructive problem solving in an intercultural environment and increase your cultural awareness and to build up a global mindset.

We design the content of the course based on the needs of our customers, their expectations and experiences in Saudi Arabia. Generally, we do not have a standard program. The following example shows the outline of a content  from various workshops, trainings and offers we have already done for our existing customers:

Understand Saudi Arabia

  • What makes the “Saudis” “Saudis”? 
  • Cultural values and norms of behavior
  • Culturally different ways of thinking and approaching tasks
  • What is “cultural” in an intercultural encounter
  • Tools to understand cultural preferences and to navigate the cultural gap

Business etiquette in Saudi Arabia

  • Names, titles, business cards, giving gifts
  • Invitations and social integration
  • What are the cultural taboos?

Differences in communication styles

  • Managing misunderstandings
  • Nonverbal communication and body language
  • Punctuality and a sense of time
  • Meetings with partners and multinational teams
  • Presentations to business partners in Saudi Arabia
  • Negotiation technique
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Strategies for a sustainable cooperation
  • Different stories of success and failure of international companies in Saudi Arabia

Networking – Where and how to make the right contacts?

  • Culture-specific understanding of good relationships
  • Expectations of a good relationship
  • The role and importance of trust

Your everyday life in Saudi Arabia

  • How can you train yourself and avoid the culture shock?
  • Is Saudi Arabia a country of diversity?
  • Insider tips ​​for a smooth transition and assignment for you and your family

These topics can be adapted in our intercultural training Saudi Arabia, depending on the needs and expectations of our clients. The focus of the course will be tailored to cover different topics and industries. For example the training can be tailored to address all cultural aspects in following areas:

  • Project management
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation
  • International assignments for expats moving to Saudi Arabia
  • Team development
  • Leadership training
  • Training for trainers (train-the-trainers)
  • Trade Fair Training
  • Event Management and production

Our intercultural country training Saudi Arabia can also be designed as a country-specific analysis to increase your cultural sensitivity and knowledge. Various stakeholders can profit from it, including:

  • International universities and stakeholders in education
  • Stakeholders in interreligious dialogue and peace work
  • International NGOs

A complete offer for different target groups

Our country training Saudi Arabia can be designed for different target groups. In addition to intercultural country expertise, the training content can include different topics, for example:

  • Training for Saudi expatriates on an assignment in some European companies or for persons from Saudi Arabia working or studying abroad to help them to integrate in the new culture
  • Team development of international and Saudi working groups
  • Leadership training for mixed Saudi and international teams
  • Coaching
  • Sales training
  • Soft skills training

Depending on the requirements and learning goals, the main content for target groups from Saudi Arabia can be designed in Arabic. We design our training courses in international English for multinational groups.

7 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us?

  • Maximum flexibility: online, face-to-face or hybrid
  • Individual or group training
  • Worldwide services
  • We work in different international languages and international English as a main language
  • Native country experts with several years of international business experience in the target country
  • Competitive pricing and special conditions
  • Single point of contact

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