About us

Our work

  • We offer intercultural trainings and services to help expats, managers and business people in their cooperation in the different countries of the Arab World. Our customers are global players and medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands and in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • With our cultural awareness trainings and workshops we help employees and stakeholders in the public administrations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland to have a better understanding of being culturally competent and understanding the different cultures and respecting differences.    

Our location

  • We are a small team of freelancers in the Area of Cologne in Germany. In our network we work with 30 experts with a background from the Middle East and North Africa. We work with partners  in Cairo, Jeddah and Abu-Dhabi.

Our vision

  • With our work we want to be a bridge between cultures and to reduce prejudice. We do this by helping people to understand the psychology of stereotypes, identity and intergroup contact.
  • We consider intercultural competence as a key for co-operation in a global multicultural world and especially in post-migrant societies in West Europe. 

Our name

  • The ancient roman province Arabia Petraea was created out of the former Nabataeans Kkingdom 106 during the time of the Roman Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD) . It included parts of today’s Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Later on the world “Arabia” was used as a synonym for the Arabian peninsula, which included “Arabia Felix: today’s Yemen”, Arabia Deserta and  Arabia Petraea​.​
  • InterCulture means literally “between cultures”. InterCulture in an Intercultural Communication describes the profdound and genuine respect for all cultures and mutual exchanges of ideas and values. 

Our logo

  • The green color stands for hope in the dry desert and it has a religious meaning. Green was the preferred color of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • The crescent, which is regarded as a national symbol in many Arab and Islamic countries, is a very important historical component and an orientation symbol.
  • The Arabic name ARABIA with an Andalusian font indicates a genius example of co-existence and to live in peace, respect, tolerance and progress in one of the most multicultural, multiethnic, multi religious communities have existed in this world. 
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