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Increase Your Success Opportunities in Jordan:
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Jordan: An important link for dialogue and cooperation among various stakeholders in the Middle East!

Jordan stands as a linchpin for peace and stability in the Middle East, underpinned by its political stability, neutral foreign policy, and close regional ties. Despite its modest economy, Jordan wields significant political influence. With a real growth rate of 2.4% and notable diversification across key sectors like phosphate mining, pharmaceuticals, textiles, renewable energy, and hydrogen production, Jordan’s potential shines bright.

Driven by the Vision for Economic Modernization 2022, Jordan aims to double its real GDP by 2033 and create one million jobs, focusing on accelerated growth and enhanced quality of life for its citizens. Strategic initiatives such as establishing an investment ministry and enacting new investment laws signal Jordan’s commitment to attracting foreign investment, aided by its fully convertible currency and open capital markets.

Jordan’s Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector is a standout, with annual revenues surpassing USD 3.3 billion and a strong focus on digital transformation and innovation. The country boasts a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, with over 1,000 active ICT companies, positioning Jordan as a regional digital hub.

Despite limited natural resources, Jordan leads in solar energy adoption, covering over 14% of its energy needs. Water management and green hydrogen production further augment its potential for growth and development.

Jordan’s robust education system, with a diverse array of universities and colleges, is experiencing exponential growth, attracting international students seeking quality education.

In conclusion, Jordan presents vast opportunities for international businesses and investments. To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, intercultural competencies are indispensable. Explore Jordan’s potential and unlock endless possibilities for growth and collaboration.

Increase your chances of success in Jordan and gain insights into the key cultural aspects of working with Jordanian business partners.

Refine your intercultural skills to effectively collaborate with customers, suppliers, colleagues, employees, partners, as well as political representatives and NGOs.

What is the focus of an intercultural training Jordan?

In our training, we focus on the cultural aspects for your success in Jordan. Based on our experience with more than 10,000 participants since 2006, the content will focus on the cultural aspects which can cause misunderstandings and frustrations while interacting in a culturally diverse context. The course will equip you with different skills for constructive problem solving in an intercultural environment and increase your cultural awareness and to build up a global mindset.

We design the content of the course based on the needs of our customers, their expectations and experiences in Jordan. Generally, we do not have a standard program. The following example shows the outline of a content from various workshops, trainings and offers we have already done for our existing customers.

These topics can be adapted in our intercultural training Jordan, depending on the needs and expectations of our clients. The focus of the course will be tailored to cover different topics and industries.

  • What is the cornerstone of Jordanian culture? 
  • Cultural values and norms of behavior
  • Culturally different ways of thinking and approaching tasks
  • What is “cultural” in an intercultural encounter
  • Tools to understand cultural preferences and to navigate the cultural gap
  • Names, titles, business cards, giving gifts
  • Invitations and social integration
  • What are the cultural taboos?
  • Managing misunderstandings
  • Nonverbal communication and body language
  • Punctuality and a sense of time
  • Meetings with partners and multinational teams
  • Presentations to business partners in Jordan
  • Negotiation technique
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Strategies for a sustainable cooperation
  • Different stories of success and failure of international companies in Jordan
  • Culture-specific understanding of good relationships
  • Expectations of a good relationship
  • The role and importance of trust
  • How can you train yourself and avoid the culture shock?
  • Ethnic and cultural diversity in Jordan?
  • Insider tips for a smooth transition and assignment for you and your family

For example the training can be tailored to address all cultural aspects in following areas:

Diverse offering for different target groups

The country-specific training for Jordan can be designed and conducted for various target groups and cover a wide range of topics. In addition to providing intercultural expertise specific to the country, the content focus can be tailored to different subjects for different target groups. The following topics, for example, can be offered:

  • Training for Jordanian delegations or Jordanian expatriates pursuing education or training in Germany (or other countries)
  • Team development for international working groups
  • International leadership training for mixed teams
  • Coaching
  • Sales training
  • General soft skills training

Depending on the requirements and learning objectives, the core content can be delivered in Arabic language for target groups from Jordan. For multinational groups, we design and conduct our training in international English.

Not only soft, but also hard facts

Our intercultural services for Jordan is designed not only to develop your cultural skills, but also cover more harder issues!. In this regard, we collaborate with strategic partners, legal experts, target market analysts, and management consultants specializing in Jordan . This includes:

  • Our partners assist in navigating the Jordanian market landscape by evaluating potential business partners and providing essential insights to analyze opportunities and currency risks effectively.
  • Our partners ensure clarity on compliance matters, guiding you through the intricacies of Jordanian regulations to facilitate seamless operations within legal frameworks.
  • Stay informed with our access to up-to-date and relevant market information, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Our partners of specialized law experts meticulously analyze contracts, ensuring thorough comprehension and adherence to legal requirements specific to Jordan.

Embrace the future of intercultural success in Jordan with confidence. Partner with us to navigate complexities and unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity

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  • Different international languages and international English as a main language
  • Native country experts with several years of international business experience in the target country
  • Competitive pricing, special conditions and free access to unique learning resources
  • Single point of contact

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