Cross-Cultural Mentoring

Process Companion for your projects in the Arab Region

Process Companion is the word-by-word translation of the German words “Prozessbegleitung” (german: Prozess, engl: Process – german: -begleitung, engl: Companion). This method is one of the most effective methods to manage the change process in general. This method has been alreadry applied in the process of doing business abroad and how to manage staff with other cultural background. This can increase the chances of succsess in doing business abroad functionally by reducing tensions resulted from different perception of resources (time, quality, motivation, drives of behavior).

Doing business with partners and people from the Arab Region requires more than managerial competencies. Knowledge of the business culture, mentality, work ethic, market structure and corporate culture in general are among the first prerequisites for succssful business activity. Many organizations from the Western World could not adapt a long-term strategy to cope with many intercultural differences to bridge their negative influences in business process. It is still difficult for many companies operating in the Arab Region to identify these factors and to develop a control mechanism.

Cross-cultural differences are visible in the process of doing business, from the different pereception of time, different awareness of quality to different organizational leadership style. Ignorance of these differences or not to integrate them in the process management may reduce your chances of success in doing business with Arab partners.

This challenge is not easy, and especially in unfamiliar cultural context, while stress overload the managerial and foreign staff. An optimal solution is represented in the provision of an external process companion whose responsibilities are the communication processes and group facilitation. This include all team members, beginning from the local coworkers and the leading engineers (for example) as well. The experienced process companion, may advise your people in difficult phases of the project and train them to develop problem-solving strategies from other perspectives together. This lets you focus completely on your core mission and pursue your goal more efficiently.


  • Planning and conducting workshops at the beginning of the project in order to prevent potential problems
  • Moderation and support in difficult phases of team development
  • Integration of project-related tools for the solution of intercultural understanding problems
  • Advice on the development of problem-and solution-oriented workflows
  • Integration of solution-based measures in the knowledge management system for sustainable development

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