2-hour interactive webinars on different topics of intercultural cooperation.
The easiest way to increase your cultural awareness and your success.

Current Webinars

Recent times requires flexible learning and communication formats. Our webinars and online learning offers will add values to your face-to-face classes. For leaders and business travelers, our webinars offer practical information on various topics of business cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa and in when it comes to work in international context in general . In addition, we provide ready to use hands-on through our webinars and online workshops on various topics of intercultural and international cooperation. On this page we inform you about our our offers.

Successful Business in the Middle East

  • 2 hour webinar
  • The interactive webinar is designed as an intercultural mini-training about Doing Business in the Middle East and North Africa with a focus on business: conflict management, leadership and business meetings.
  • Your cost: USD 120 per person.

Cross-Cultural Training for International Assignees

  • Training for expatriates for more than 70 countries: from Ethiopia to Cyprus!
  • Instructors are country experts with business experience in the target countries.
  • Designed for expats and their families.
  • Can be arranged in several sessions: e.g. 5 coaching sessions, each 2 hours online.

Cross-Cultural relocation training Middle East and North Africa

  • We offer our trainings and coaching for international expatriates moving to one of the following countries in the Arab region:
  • Topics of work and everyday life, such as security in the destination country, behavior adjustment and cultural ways of doing things will be discussed.
  • Can also be combined with face-to-face classes.
  • Can be designed in several sessions: e.g. 5 coaching sessions, each 2 hours online.
  • Before or during the assignment abroad.
  • Native trainers and country experts with professional experience in business and management.

Various topics of intercultural cooperation

  • In addition to our country-specific topics, we offer different content on the subject of “intercultural cooperation” and “interculturalism” as webinars or as online workshops, for example:
    • Cross-Cultural onboarding for newly hired employees from different cultures.
    • Intercultural organizational development.
    • Cultural awareness for recruiters.
    • Cross-cultural change management: input on reactions to change processes.
    • Design thinking as a method for creating intercultural training.
    • Integration of migrants in multicultural societies.
  • Various topics of intercultural and international cooperation can also be designed and offered as required.
  • Can also be combined with face-to-face events.
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Can be offered as an expert input  during special events.
  • Speakers are experts in their fields with decades of expertise in different countries.
  • Topics can be offered in different languages.
  • Cloud documentation and E-Learning resources for our clients.

E-Learning and Hybrid-Learning

Can I increase my cultural awareness or can l learn anything about cultural differences via digital media? Our answer is definitely yes. We are happy to support you in organizing different classes and training courses.