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Our In-house intercultural trainings are the most effective and cost-saving way of improving the global skills of your team

Benefits customized in-house training solutions.

The best strategy to improve the intercultural and global skills of your team is to organize one of our in-house trainings. If you have unique training requirements regarding the training design or the need assessment, we recommend you to book one of our customized in-house training solutions. You can expect a variety of benefits:

The training content is primarily focused towards the core of your business and your industry (e.g. automotive industry, finance and banking, medicine, environment, construction, public administration, universities and different institutions)

Regarding location and time: You choose the exact time that works for you best without having to fit into the schedule offered generally. Our courses can be organized at any time across the globe or at your location worldwide – online or offline

In-House trainings bring you the greater Return on Investment and are cost effective regarding travel and hotel costs

In-House training is the best strategy to address sensitive issues or confidential and company-specific questions

In-House training is a cornerstone within your HR-strategy. A visible linkage to your global organizational development can be achieved and measured by implementing it in your continuous development program instead of booking a single training session

In-house trainings are the most effective team-building instruments. Thy can be designed based on the needs of a respective department in your organization. The focus can vary  depending on the target group and professional field

Target groups

International companies doing business abroad or who engage employees from different cultures can benefit from our in-house solutions. Furthermore, universities, public administration and different stakeholders who want to develop intercultural and global skills can profit from it. For example:

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Our many years of experience and cultural know-how will help you for more success internationally. We are proud to support you.