Cross-Cultural Training and Coaching

Our intercultural training courses will help you to understand and bridge the cultural divide without stereotyping and being cultural blind

Numerous studies in the field of cross-cultural management research have consistently shown that diverse communication patterns and cultural norms and values frequently result in misunderstandings and conflicts during international collaborations. It is crucial to note that disregarding or attempting to change these patterns is not advisable. Instead, it is essential to empower individuals engaging in collaborative work and communication to cultivate the necessary skills for respectful interactions and even constructive confrontations. In simpler terms, it is about developing your personal adapter/switcher!

In today’s interconnected and globalized world, where cultural diversity plays a pivotal role, well-designed and structured intercultural trainings have emerged as the most effective means of developing cultural awareness. Over the past 50 years, these trainings have consistently proven to be the optimal choice for individuals seeking to navigate and thrive in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world.

By participating in intercultural trainings, individuals gain a deeper understanding of cultural differences, enabling them to navigate diverse communication patterns more effectively. These trainings foster cultural sensitivity, promote empathy, and facilitate the building of bridges across cultures. They equip participants with strategies to adapt their behavior, communication styles, and problem-solving approaches in diverse cultural contexts.

Moreover, intercultural trainings emphasize the importance of cultural competence, which goes beyond mere tolerance and acceptance. By developing cultural competence, individuals learn to appreciate the value and richness of diverse perspectives, fostering an environment of inclusivity and cooperation.

In addition to enhancing intercultural communication skills, they also provide insights into the complexities of cross-cultural negotiations, leadership in multicultural teams, and effective decision-making across differences in diverse settings. By acquiring these skills, individuals become better equipped to navigate the challenges and reap the benefits of working in a globalized context.

Our Unique Approach: Bicultural Facilitators with Unparalleled Local Knowledge and Expertise in Training International Groups

We provide cross-cultural trainings designed to enhance intercultural and global skills for individuals and teams working in diverse work environments. Additionally, we offer culture-specific trainings tailored to the needs of expatriates preparing for assignments abroad.

One of our cross-cultural training programs focuses on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Our training and coaching courses for MENA assist you in understanding the cultural dynamics and values when interacting with local business partners. We begin by analyzing your own cultural patterns and communication style to identify the opportunities and challenges you may encounter in your target country. By deeply practicing culture-specific behavioral patterns, our training courses equip you with intercultural skills and enhance your communication and negotiation abilities. We place a strong emphasis on interactive methods that allow participants to reflect on the nuances of communication with local business partners or individuals from the Middle East and North Africa, avoiding stereotypes and oversimplifications.

Our training programs utilize case studies and evidence-based approaches to analyze how different cultures impact business negotiations, communication strategies, planning, presentations, project management, and conflict resolution. We offer flexible options, ranging from time-limited consultations and face-to-face or online sessions to comprehensive education and consulting services. One specific example is our course titled “Cross-Cultural Training: Doing Business in the Middle East and North Africa” which can be tailored as an in-house workshop, an online program, or a blended learning experience.

Our culture-specific offer for the Arab region is designed for the following target groups:

  • International executives, leaders and business people doing business in the Arab region in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • People managing projects in any country in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Expats and people moving to work and live in any country in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • International business people who are often in contact with Arab customers, business partners, Arab patients, delegations or travelers from the Arab region.
  • International institutions and companies that offer or facilitate education or training programs for Arab employees and managers.
  • Universities, technical colleges, technical institutes, research centers and various non-profit institutions that have joint research, projects and collaborations with counterparts in the Arab world.
  • Federal and state employees, public service institutions, municipalities and offices that work with migrants from the Middle East and North Africa
  • Foundations and religious institutions who are engaged in intercultural understanding or interfaith dialogue and want to analyze and understand the roots of cultural misunderstandings and ways for conflict resolution.

Thanks to our partnership with the experienced native country experts, we offer our services for more than 70 countries. We cover the most diverse topics of intercultural communication and international cooperation.

How we work

We guarantee you a maximum flexibility. Our services can be organized in different forms and formats:

Methods we use

Evididence-based approach is the basis of our services and training philosophy. We work and advise companies and leaders since 2006. From our experience with over than 10,000 participants and customers from different cultures, regions and industries, we have a fortune of unparalleled experience. Based on the results of different research projects from social sciences, economics and psychology, this unique approach ​​guarantees our clients a practical learning experience for a successful assignment and for an effective project and cooperation in different settings.

In this approach we use following instruments and methods:

Our philosophy is based on the interaction with our training participants and clients to promote cognitive, affective and behavioral learning processes. Our competence in using feedback, moderation and visualization techniques enable our team to maximize the learning transfer for our clients.

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