This Online Master Class Will Give You Insights Into The Most Important Cultural Aspects For Your Business Success In The Middle East.

This 2-hours online interactive introduction will focus on special topics of cultural etiquette during a conversation, conflict management, initiating a business and deliver tips for an effective online meeting with stakeholders, costumers and suppliers in the Middle East.

  • Topic: Cultural Aspects for a Successful Business in the Middle East.
  • 2-hours Intercultural Online-Training
  • An interaktive. Webinar as a Mini-Intercultural-Online-Course about the Middle East.
  • Focus will be on business culture: Business culture and attitudes in the workplace, hierarchy and decision-making, cultural specific understanding of relationship, time management, developing trust, managing business with teams and suppliers, frequent challenges and practical solutions.
  • Special conditions for groups and registrations from the same organization.
  • Number of participants: max. 6 persons.
  • Price includes documentation and access to our E-Learning resources. 
  • Tailored to individual need.
  • Flexible scheduling.

Course Content

  • Frequent and vulnerable mistakes by international business people in product and company presentations
  • Common pitfalls in doing business in the Middle East
  • Three principles for dealing with challenging situations and for optimizing your cooperation and projects
  • Personal action plan and recommendations for the next steps 

After receiving your registration, we will contact each participant to define the learning goals and expectations and to specify the individual need in  details.

This course is not designed for country-specific or project-related issues, rather than as a general introduction about cultural issues. Please contact us and we are happy to help you designing the most working solution for your team and project.   

Our unique approach

  • This interactive online training is designed for international business people who already have business relationships with business partners in the Middle East or who are planning to do business in the Middle East.
  • The course will be facilitated in international business English.
  • The webinar will be facilitated by two bicultural experts, one with profound management experience in international business and in the Middle East and a native trainer with expertise in training and coaching of groups and individuals.

Online Master Class "Successful Business in the Middle East"

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