Cross-Cultural Training and Coaching Arab World

Some kinds of conflicts and misunderstanding are inevitable in cross-cultural context, if we know a little or nothing about our communication partner. Intercultural trainings and coaching are among the first methods equipping you with knowledge and widening your competencies to convey and properly interpret and understand the behavioral patterns of your business-partners in the Middle East. The offered array of training and coaching help you to understand your own cultural patterns and values and behavior of your Arabic business-partners without prejudgment or being blind to stereotypes and categories. The aim of this is to understand your business-partner through successful communication and to evaluate the exact needs of the situation. This will pave the way to avoid uncertainties and lead definitely to a target-oriented co-operation and successful business in the Middle East.
In our trainings we help you to develop your skills and competencies for one or several Arab countries in concrete business related fields and situations such as team-buildingnegotiationpresentationleading virtual meetingsrelocation and social integration on your target country in the Arab Region, leadership and different business situations, which are influenced by cross-cultural differences.

Target group:

  • International executives, who are going to work in one of the countries of the Arab Region.
  • Project Manager of various departments (purchasing, export, sales, engineering, production, etc.) assigned for a certain task in an Arab country.
  • Expats and other private persons relocating to any country in the Middle East.
  • Business people who are often in contact with Arab clientsbusiness partnerspatients or passengers.
  • Universities and training companies organizing or doing training programs for Arab expatriates or delegations.

Seminar Goals

  • To understand the core business values in the Arab business culture, like relationship orientation, loss of face, indirect communication, getting things done
  • Better understanding of the Arab culture and the cultural challenges facing multicultural workplaces
  • To find a common cultural ground for doing business in the Arab world
  • Understanding the different rhythms of business in the Arab business culture
  • To reflect and understand different types of cultural lenses and how this shapes our perception, expectations and personalities
  • To train the necessary skills for negotiating, communication, leading teams and doing business generally in the Arab World 

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